March Portable Career Idea for Milspouses | Health Educator

March Portable Career Snapshot

Title: Health Educator


Why it’s a Good Fit For Military Spouses: According to, Health Educator jobs are expected to grow at a rate that is much faster than the national average between now and 2020. Rapid growth is one one potential indicator of a portable career (other indicators include but are not limited to: most openings, state growth, and competition).

If this type of profession interests you, it is best to start any necessary training now so that you are qualified as soon as positions become available.


Typical Tasks (from

  • Develop and present health education and promotion programs, such as training workshops, conferences, and school or community presentations.
  • Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with agencies and organizations interested in public health care.
  • Develop educational materials and programs for community agencies, local government, and state government.
  • Prepare and distribute health education materials, such as reports, bulletins, and visual aids, to address smoking, vaccines, and other public health concerns.
  • Supervise professional and technical staff in implementing health programs, objectives, and goals.
  • Document activities and record information, such as the numbers of applications completed, presentations conducted, and persons assisted.
  • Collaborate with health specialists and civic groups to determine community health needs and the availability of services and to develop goals for meeting needs.
  • Provide guidance to agencies and organizations on assessment of health education needs and on development and delivery of health education programs.
  • Maintain databases, mailing lists, telephone networks, and other information to facilitate the functioning of health education programs.
  • Design and conduct evaluations and diagnostic studies to assess the quality and performance of health education programs.

Education Needed: Most of the jobs require a four-year degree, but some do not. A considerable amount of experience and work-related skills are needed for such an occupation.


National Average Income: $23.05 hourly, $47,940 annual


Top Industries for Health Educators: Health Care and Social Assistance / Government


Check Health Educator Growth in Your State


Important Factors to Remember:

Your personality, skills, interests and values all determine whether a career will be a good match. Portability is just one aspect of finding a job that will fulfill you. If you are feeling confused about how to find and create a career you love and that travels with you, try a Career Strategy Session for free by ! You will spend approximately 30-45 minutes discussing your situation and end the call with at least 3 action steps you can implement immediately to move closer to your goals.


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