Have You Thought About a Career in Identity Theft Protection?

Identity theft is on the rise—a 2013 Javelin Strategy & Research report shows there were 12.6 million victims of identity fraud in the U.S. in 2012, up 1 million cases from the previous year. One side effect of this is an increase in job opportunities in the identity theft protection field. The industry is one of the few that has increased over the last four years, according to IBISWorld. Those interested in getting into the identity theft protection field have a variety of positions to choose from, such as sales, call center operators and data security technicians.

Work at Home

Many companies handle customer service, sales and technical support through independent contractors. This can be an excellent opportunity for a working mother or someone who simply desires flexibility in scheduling. Work-at-home positions are usually available through identity theft protection services, though some protection services require workers to be physically present at their call centers. Job seekers who are interested in positions such as these should check the websites of each protection service and go to the careers section. Here you can check the current job openings at LifeLock.com and similar companies.

Technical Positions

Job seekers who have a more technical background may want to work for companies that need to secure data against potential breaches and threats. This job path includes those who have networking security experience. Many companies that need to take in a large amount of consumer data are bolstering their security systems to prevent a data breach. This means security is one of the largest focuses for many technology departments, and job seekers who have experience in security will usually find it easy to secure employment.

Many of these companies also require multiple internal audit teams, because inside threats are common. Data security professionals can become highly paid, especially those with many years of experience.

Banking Sector

Many banks and credit card companies also have an identity theft protection department. The positions in these departments range from call center work to managing the 24-hour hotline and helping victims take appropriate steps to restore security and protect their identities from further harm. Online banking systems also hire a great deal of programmers and data security analysts to develop, maintain and improve their secured computer systems. This is especially true of banks that operate entirely online.


Sales positions require the employee become knowledgeable about the threats of identity theft and the level of protection that an identity protection service can provide. Some of these positions operate on a commission basis, which can be profitable to those who are skilled at sales.

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