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The Story Behind Military Spouse Portable Career Planning

   A note from Stacy...

From the time I was a child, education was very important to me. Prior to getting into a serious relationship with my husband, I questioned how the military lifestyle would, or even could, work with my career goals and professional aspirations. I had spent a great deal of time and money preparing myself for a rewarding, fulfilling career, and I wondered whether becoming a part of the military community meant giving up on my own hopes and dreams. It took me countless hours of research, a lot of unnecessary worry, perseverance and the advice of experienced military spouses for me to discover that it is entirely possible to have a successful career, while my husband pursued his own.

I designed Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC to meet the career and educational needs of today's military spouses. The wife of an active duty soldier, I understand the obstacles today's military spouses face as only a fellow military spouse can. From PCSing to deployments and TDY, we face numerous challenges in the pursuit of fulfilling careers. My goal is to help you keep moving forward--even though the military life may sometimes seem to steer us slightly off course.

I love coaching fellow military spouses because I save them the time, frustration and apprehension that I experienced when I was trying to figure it all out. As we enter into the military life as a new spouse, we may experience a bit of culture shock. By providing military spouses with career and education counseling, I aim to alleviate some of that discomfort and eliminate any fear.

My Commitment to Military Spouses
My commitment is to provide you with the most personalized coaching and advising you have ever experienced. I understand the military lifestyle, but I also realize that my experience is  different than yours.

Each spouse has different goals, values, skills and personality. While I understand the common bond we share and have a multitude of military-specific resources available for my clients, I will never give you a one-size-fits-all answer to your questions. I take time to learn about YOU. If you desire personalized service, you will find it in my coaching approach.

I also take extreme pride in being the only certified career coach to also offer education counseling to military spouses. I realize that a successful career first requires proper training, and I know higher education from the inside out.

My services also extend to the girlfriends and fiances of today's service members. Because I am not affiliated with the government, I am able to offer services to future military dependents, unlike military installations.

My Credentials
Master's in Adult Education and Training - Colorado State University
Certified Career Management Coach - Career Coach Academy
Certificate in Adult Learning, Training, and Development - Regis University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Muhlenberg College

In order to best serve spouses, I also stay actively involved with the community. I serve as an FRG (Family Readines Group) Point of Contact and volunteer with the Advisory Council on Military Education, Blue Star Families, Operation Homefront, Veterans Resource Central Leadership Team and also work with universities to counsel the military community on educational benefits.

My Relocations
Military spouses know that relocation is part of the lifestyle. I have experienced a number of moves as both a civilian and a military spouse. So far, my travels have included:

• Poconos, Pennsylvania
• London, England
• Allentown, Pennsylvania
• Fort Jackson, South Carolina
• Fort Carson, Colorado

As my husband and I continue our military life, I am certain the list will continue to grow!

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