Stacy Swearengen | Portable Career Planning

You have goals, values, skills and a personality–at least I hope so!

While I understand the common bond you and I share as military family members and have a multitude of military-specific resources available for my clients, I will never give you a one-size-fits-all answer to your questions. I take time to learn about YOU. If you desire personalized service, you will find it here. But, if you want generic guidance or antiquated advice, this is probably not your scene.

Because I am not affiliated with the government, I also embrace the fact I don’t need you to have an ID card to provide you assistance. I have worked with future military spouses and former military spouses–the goal is not for me to make sure you fit into this “military spouse” profile, but to make sure that you find what your definition of fulfillment is and help you progress toward it.