About Stacy Swearengen

As “The Portable Career Planner”…
I was once a stubborn woman. Who am I kidding? I’m still a stubborn woman. When I am passionate about something, I have a tendency to focus on it until I get to the goal. While this personality trait has both positive and negative implications, it was the driving force behind the formation of Military Spouse Portable Career Planning. So in this case, I’d say it was a good thing!

About 4 weeks shy of graduating with my Bachelor’s degree, I met the man who would later become my husband. We dated for 2 years before getting married and have been through deployments, drill sergeant duty and a lot of other military life realities.

For those of you who are career assessment geeks like me, I’m an ESFZ on the Golden Personality Type Profiler, and on a 360 evaluation, my peers, colleagues, clients and friends most often said that if I was a breakfast cereal I would be Rice Crispies or Cheerios (they tied!). (I know you are dying to see what your network would say about you, so go check out the free resources for the links to these and other cool career stuff).

I’m a total nerd and would go to school forever if I could. My clients and friends often hear me say, “Okay…I’m warning you, I’m going into Career Coach Stacy mode now.” But, when I’m outside of that mode, and I’m “just Stacy” I’ve been known to bust some pretty wicked dance moves, be overprotective of my two furbabies, and obsess about my love of Bikram yoga and cycling.


As a LifeLong Learner and Lover of School…

The Virtual “I Love Me” Wall (aka Credentials)
Master’s in Adult Education & Training- Colorado State University
Certified Career Management Coach- Career Coach Academy
Leadership and Talent Management Coach Training – Workplace Coach Institute
Certificate in Adult Learning, Training, & Development- Regis University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration- Muhlenberg College

In order to best serve spouses, I also stay actively involved with the community. I volunteer with the Advisory Council on Military Education, am a member of the National Military Spouse Network, National Career Development Association, and the Council of Military Educators.


As a Military Spouse…
Since you’re still reading, I thought you deserved a little laugh at my expense and an opportunity to get to know me outside of the confines of these pages. With the help of my family, we created this video in 2006 for my husband, who was “just my boyfriend” at the time, while he was deployed.

WARNING: You will never be able to listen to Mariah Carey’s, All I Want for Christmas is You the same again.

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