What is Education Counseling?

Education Counseling is a concept I incorporated into my coaching packages based on the needs of today’s military spouse. This type of counseling is often not offered on military installations or found in the services of other coaches.

Career fulfillment is more comprehensive than just landing a good job—it requires proper training and often some form of education. The education counseling packages focus on helping military spouses find the right training and education for their career goals. The career-specific packages are designed to help military spouses find portable careers without the expense of their professional fulfillment. Military Spouse Coaching

With the implementation of the Career Advancement Accounts and Post 9/11 GI Bill transferability, many military spouses have begun enrolling in schools to finish a degree or start a new one. Because this funding is still a new area of tuition assistance, there are not many trained professionals who really understand the needs of the military spouse and how those needs impact their career choices.

My education counseling services help spouses determine appropriate majors, colleges or training programs for their particular situation. I also aid military spouses in utilizing funding like myCAA, the New GI Bill, military spouse reduced tuition and other financial aid options.

What is a Typical Education Counseling Session Like?

Career counseling is conducted entirely over the phone and internet! Military spouses can therefore take advantage of my services whether living down the street or across the globe!
Education counseling is similar to a personalized exercise training plan at the gym. A good fitness trainer will base your workouts on your current fitness level and what you hope to achieve. The direction is determined entirely by you, but the coach guides you and provides you with a variety of opportunities to achieve your personal goals.

My coaching services are very similar! We figure our your current situation and what you hope to achieve. My role is to then help you achieve that goal by providing resources and career workouts (homework)!

A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for the majority of us, which is why I tailor my education counseling to the needs of each and every military spouse I work with. This means that not all coaching follows the same format. There is, nevertheless, a general flow of our discussions:

  • Career Reconassaince – This is the very first step in the coaching relationship, whether for career or education counseling. At this point, you have the opportunity to experience a free 30-minute introductory coaching session. We discuss what you want and the goals you hope coaching will help you achieve. After spending time learning more about you, I suggest some possible coaching options. The decision to continue with coaching is yours.
  • Coaching Plan – After the completion of your initial, complimentary coaching session, we set up a plan for the frequency of appointments. The appointments from this point are entirely designed by you. You may choose a one-time coaching session or ongoing appointments.
  • Accountability and Progress—We often need to reassess where we are in the process. While we will do this continually throughout our coaching sessions, it is important to also reflect as we get closer to and eventually achieve our coaching goal.