Career and Education Counseling for Military Spouses

Why Hire a Career Coach?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would enlist the services of a trained professional. In many instances, individuals seek out professional assistance when they want to change something in their lives. Often, the desire for change happens after the loss of a job, experiencing an unfulfilling work environment or the facing of a career crossroads.

Military spouses in particular tend to pursue career counseling in order to work on the development of a successful, portable career plan. Because the average spouse moves every 3 to 5 years as a result of military orders, it is necessary to create a strategic plan for your career! Remember, military life may be unpredictable, but your career should not be.

You may consider trying career/education counseling if you are looking for personalized, one-on-one advising and coaching. Coaching is flexible with a one-time appointment or ongoing sessions.

The spouses I help often request assistance in the following areas:
-Restructing the resume to better market your skills for a specific job opportunity
-Finding a new job after PCSing
-Interview skills/mock interviewing
-Strategizing a personalized portable career plan
-Cover letter writing and grammar checks
-Handling possible discrimination in the job search because of military affiliation
-Transitioning to a more fulfilling job
-Determining what an ideal profession might be
-Locating funding for training and higher learning
-Choosing the right college or training program for a desired career path
-Creation or revamping of a general resume
-Weeding through all of the military-related resources to find valuable opportunities

Stacy and Military Spouse Portable Career Planning

As you consider whether having a coach is something that interests you, keep in mind what is most important to you in your coach. I am committed to helping my fellow military spouses succeed, which is why I started my business, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning. I am committed to providing the following to spouses:

  • Coaching for military spouses as well as fiances and girlfriends. No military ID required.
  • The perspective of a fellow military spouse. As the wife of an active duty soldier, I face the same challenges you do as a spouse, from PCSing to TDY to ongoing deployments.
  • Education counseling in addition to career counseling. Landing your dream, portable job will likely require some training or education. Education counseling is my innovative approach to assisting you with this preparation.
  • Personalized career planning services. I will never offer a generic answer to your questions. I know that your experiences are valuable, and it is my job to learn about them! Not all military spouses have the same goals, skills and personality, so we should not be treated as such.
  • Actual planning for a portable and fulfilling career as a military spouse. The whole idea is to make a proactive plan to develop your very own, personalized portable career plan. Success does not happen by chance. It requires hard work and proper strategies.