Career Reconnaissance Report | Portable Career Planning

Has looking for a job become your full-time job?


Does finding a career seem like more hassle than its worth?


Are you sick of moving around with the military, only to have to learn an entirely new job market all over again? 


Are you tired of feeling so overwhelmed, so unfulfilled, and so confused that you want to give up on having a career?


Are you unsure whether your career field is portable, and how to even find that information out?


Thankfully, the temptation to give up what you really want does not have to be your reality!  

Your personalized Career Reconnaissance Report will save you hours of time, freeing up your schedule to actually start developing the career you have been dreaming of.

How It Works:

• Place your order before 5pm Pacific time on March 6
• Access to the Quick-Fill Career Template will be emailed to you.
REMEMBER, the faster you fill out the template, the faster you get your Career Reconnaissance Report! The Quick-Fill Career Template will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete and you should be as precise as possible. From this information, we will research industry trends, compile the relevant data and create your very own, personalized Career Reconnaissance Report!
• Upon receipt of your Quick-Fill Template, we will email you to confirm. If you do not receive an email confirmation from us, PLEASE contact us!
• Within 48 hours of our receipt of your completed Template (barring any errors or need for additional information), your Career Reconnaissance Report will be hand-delivered to your inbox!


As a thank you to my webinar attendees, I am offering the Career Reconnaissance Report at a discounted rate of $79.00–but only for a limited time.

Normally the Career Reconnaissance Report costs $100.

What You Get: 

• Access to the Quick-Fill Career Template (a short form to help us get to know you and then get to work!)
• Personalized Report – based entirely on the information you provide in your application
• No more guesswork – visual matching of the most portable occupations
• More time for action because the legwork is done for you
• List of employers that match your needs
• Researched list of organizations for you to get involved in
Plus, SPECIAL Unadvertised BONUSES for Webinar Attendees ($50 Value):
• Reports for up to two states
• 30-minute strategy session to develop immediate action steps to see results now

TOTAL COST (with bonuses) For Non-Attendees is $150.00.

The price returns to $150 after 5pm Pacific time on Tuesday, March 6

$79.00 for Webinar Attendees

Offer expires 5:00pm Pacific time on Tuesday, March 6