Building a portable career as a military spouse is difficult–and what about a portable career that you actually enjoy? If you feel like I used to, you are probably at your wit’s end thinking you may never be able to have a career at all, let alone one that you are passionate about. Only once you completely understand who you are as a person, the ultimate reasons why you want to work, and what you are meant to do, can you start to develop a portable career that is propelled by passion. You can have a career you love, and I am happy to help you on your journey.

(Don’t forget, we also have a Career Planning Track for Entrepreneurs and a Career Planning Track for Job Seekers)


The Piece-by-Piece Approach 
Available in hour or 30 minute appointments
$75 per hour | $50 per half-hour
Perhaps you know you could benefit from career guidance, but you don’t know what shape it should take or what direction you actually need. Do you want the assistance of a career coach who is knowledgeable in the military lifestyle, but you are unsure where to start or confused by what you really need help with? Try a coaching session one at a time! In this format, you have the ability to schedule a one-on-one session as a 30-minute or 60-minute appointment. We will discuss any and all career issues or questions that time allows! If you decide you need more help, just schedule another appointment. This approach is not ideal or advised for military spouses seeking in-depth career guidance.


The P3 Package: Passion, Portability, Practicality
3 one-on-one hour sessions | $215
You know what you want to do, but it seems the military lifestyle is just not allowing you to do it. When you feel overwhelmed or confused, and you need to determine once and for all if your passion can translate into a practical, portable career, take comfort in knowing there is help. Using my Career Portability Quiz as your springboard, you and I spend 3 sessions focused on determining the feasibility of your present career choice and potential next steps. During our time, you will identify the reasons you initially chose your career and why this is either helping or hindering you. We will also assess your profession’s portability through a battery of tools and tests. At the end of our 3 meetings, you will know more clearly how portable your career really is and have at least 3 actions steps you can take immediately to either start moving forward or start developing a new career path.


Portable Career Planning with Pals
4 one-hour sessions | $225
Are you interested in getting a professional’s advice and feel that you could also benefit from building your professional network? Do you value learning from others’ experiences and enjoy working with others in small groups, with personalized attention? Have you been looking to connect with other like-minded military spouses? Career Planning with Pals allows you to obtain professional guidance from me, your Portable Career Planner, while also engaging in career-related discussion and support from your fellow military spouse coaching participants. This type of coaching is conducted via teleconference line with a group of between 3-5 military spouses. Every week for a series of 4 weeks, you and your fellow military spouse professionals meet with me to discuss your goals and develop strategies to achieve them. You will also be invited to communicate with each other between sessions to further encourage and support each other. Group sessions are held entirely based on demand. Please email Stacy to inquire about this type of coaching or if you have a group of friends who would like to work together with Stacy.

The Complete Portable Career Plan Package
6 one-on-one hour sessions 
| $425
Is your life a constant battle between having a career you love and finding any job to pay the bills? Do you have an idea of what you want for your life but no idea how to make it compatible with the military lifestyle? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the Portable Career Plan sessions will provide you with clarity about what you really want for yourself, how to identify realistic career options based on your individual desires and skills, and ways to develop tangible steps to get you moving closer to your goals. The planning sessions work best by following the sequence below; however, the flow can be changed to best accommodate your specific needs.

Session 1: Identifying your natural skills, abilities, interests and personality is the most important factor in developing a portable career you are passionate about. By the end of the session, you will have a clearer understanding of your goals and how to leverage those goals in your career search.

Session 2: In this session, we use the knowledge you gained about yourself from our first meeting to identify 5 to 10 potential career paths. During session 2, you are encouraged to think big and not limit any of the possibilities.

Session 3: The focus of our third meeting is to start investigating your career non-negotiables. Through a series of exercises we work on together, you will be able to determine what you want and do not want from a career. This session will prepare you to the narrow your career options.

Session 4: By this time, you know what your goals are as well as what you need from a career! This meeting is spent identifying the best 2 to 3 potential career options for you, based on all of the knowledge you have gained thus far. We also investigate any training/education requirements.

Session 5: Now that you are clear on the career paths that are best suited to your individual needs, you must devise a plan to find the opportunities. We spend this time developing strategies to identify career opportunities through social media, search engines and non-traditional outlets.

Session 6: In this final session, you and I address any additional issues you are facing and strategize ways to effectively network in a manner that will increase your odds of the career traveling with you.