Education Counseling Services for Military Spouses

My education counseling services focus on helping military spouses find the right training and education for their career goals. To find out about career counseling services, visit the career services page.

Tailored Financial Aid List
$50 per list

Ideal for military spouses who have already defined their career goals and know what degree they want to complete, this service provides a personalized list of financial aid assistance opportunities based on your specific situation. I send you an email document asking a variety of questions relating to your personal career goals, degree plan, financial situation and a number of other factors. Based on your responses I am able to develop a comprehensive, personalized list of financial aid and funding opportunities that may be of use to you. This service does not involve formal coaching but prevents you from spending countless hours searching the internet and purchasing resource books without finding useful information.

Military Spouse Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance Counseling
$75 per 1-hour session

How do you know what resources are out there? Do you know how to apply resources like myCAA and GI Bill benefits? This education counseling service focuses on your career goals, the education or training that will prepare you for such a career, and then explores various opportunities for financial aid. This service is more in-depth than the financial aid list service as we develop ongoing financial strategies for your education together. This service also includes coaching on how to apply for scholarships we identify.

Choosing Your Training
$50 per 1-hour session

Choosing appropriate training or education is a crucial, necessary step to achieving your career goals. Without the necessary qualifications for your dream job, you are unlikely to be considered for your desired position. This particular coaching service involves determining what training or educational degree will get you the required prerequisites to achieve your ideal career.

Additionally, finding a military family friendly training program is very important. Although a school or training program may be deemed “military friendly” it does not mean it understands the needs of the military family. There are a variety of tools and resources available to find the right school for you based on flexibility, transferability and compatibility with your personal goals.

College to Career Transition Counseling
$75 per 1-hour session

You have received your degree or certification, but what comes next? Making the transition from class to career can be an intimidating step. In this type of counseling we will determine strategies for landing the job after you have received your training.