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            Career and Education Guidance for All Military Spouses 

                        Regardless of Rank, Branch or Location

 "When you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life"   - Confucius

Personalized Career Assistance for Military Spouses
Despite the obstacles of military life, you can achieve your career goals! My name is Stacy Swearengen, a Certified Career, Education and Adult Learning Coach, as well as a military spouse. Like you, I have experienced the uncertainty of military life and have faced the unique obstacles that only military spouses understand. I also know the overwhelming pride and unexplainable solidarity we feel as members of the silent ranks-things that only a fellow military spouse can appreciate.

As a military spouse, you have likely developed a support system that helps you to overcome the challenges of frequent relocations, separations from your spouse, the feeling of being a single parent and the anticipation of deployments. We often depend on our fellow military spouses for support to rise above the difficult times and celebrate with us in our triumphs.

Military Spouse Support Systems
The bonds formed between military spouses as we deal with everyday military life are also important as we pursue our professional goals. I honor this spirit of camaraderie and the strength of the military bond in my coaching style. Whether you know exactly what your career goals are, are unsure how to find a fulfilling, portable career, need assistance applying for a specific job or have a variety of interests, I can help! I offer career counseling and educational guidance to all military families, regardless of rank, location or branch.

Portable, Fulfilling Careers for Military Spouses
As military spouses we cannot avoid the obstacles of military life, yet we often overlook or are unaware of the numerous opportunities available solely to the military community. G.I. Bill transferability, the Career Advancement Accounts, and the Noncompetitive Appointment of Military Spouses have recently received a great deal of publicity, causing many military spouses to seek out more fulfilling careers, start new, portable jobs, go back to school, or learn more about all of these new benefits. For this reason, it is crucial for military spouses to utilize the services of a career coach who is knowledgeable in all of the military spouse resources and how to use them as well as understands the demands of military life.

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