Has looking for a job become your full-time job?

Are you sick of moving around with the military, only to have to learn an entirely new job market all over again?

Are you tired of feeling so overwhelmed, so unfulfilled, and so confused that you want to give up on having a career?


With your VIP Occupation and Industry Report Access, you can gain control over your career, start to understand the job market wherever you live, and spend more time actually interviewing for quality jobs instead of searching randomly on the web.



You Will Get:


•Personalized Report – based entirely on the information you provide in your application


•No more guesswork – visual matching of the most portable occupations


•More time for action because the legwork is done for you


•List of employers that match your needs


•Researched list of organizations for you to get involved in


NON-VIP Price: $75.00




BONUSES for VIP Webinar Attendees:


•Reports for up to two states


•List of up to 5 actual job openings in your state for you to immediately apply to!


•30-minute strategy session to develop immediate action steps to see results now

TOTAL COST (with bonuses) For NON-VIP: $150.00



$49.99 for VIP Webinar Attendees

Offer expires 5:00pm Eastern time

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