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Career Counseling Services for Military Spouses

Career-specific counseling sessions are designed to help military spouses find portable careers without the expense of their professional fulfillment. To find out about education counseling services, visit the education services page.

Resume Critique
$50 per resume with one email follow-up
Additional $50 per telephone follow-up coaching session

Your resume is a crucial step in landing your dream job. It is important for your resume to adequately represent who you are and what you will offer the organization. I am available to review your resume and provide one 30-minute follow-up session for each resume.

Interview Coaching
$75 per 1-hour mock interview

You got the call—now it’s time for the interview. If you find yourself more afraid of the interview than excited about it, you will benefit from practicing your interview skills. Interview practice coaching can be tailored to meet your needs—whether you want to practice ways to prepare for different types of interviews or overcome your nerves that may inhibit you from adequately representing yourself. During this type of coaching, you also have the opportunity to develop your own personalized elevator speech and discuss nonverbal communication.

Coaching on interview skills may require anywhere from 1 to 4 sessions, and you will be able to keep your evaluation form that highlights areas to improve or sustain. You have the option to have the mock interview recorded, which will then be sent to you for your reference and review.

Mock Interview Only
$50 per interview

If you just need to brush up on your interview skills, I provide mock interviews. While this service does not include supplemental coaching after the interview, it provides nervous military spouses with a wonderful opportunity to practice interview answers and prepare for the actual interview in a non-threatening, simulated environment. Types of interviews can be tailored to your personal needs and requests.

You have the option to have the mock interview recorded, which will then be sent to you for your reference and review.

Group Coaching for Families and Friends
Rates Vary Depending on Group Size

As military spouses, we form a unique bond with our fellow military families. Sometimes group coaching sessions help to facilitate growth and embrace new opportunities. Group coaching also allows individuals on a budget to have more coaching time with less expense. Please contact Stacy for group rates.

Family Readiness Group/Military Support Group Presentations 

For those military spouses interested in learning more about coaching but who may be on a strict budget, I am pleased to offer complimentary seminars to military support groups and community organizations. If you would like me to speak to your group, I can tailor my presentation to fit your group’s needs. Military spouses with recently deployed troops will greatly benefit from my "Stick to your Goals" seminar, which helps teach spouses how to accomplish their goals while their spouses are gone. To accommodate the military spouses located across the world, I am also happy to deliver my seminars to family support groups located outside of the Colorado Springs, CO area via web conferencing at no cost.

Career Reconnaissance
$85 per 1-hour meeting

Career reconnaissance coaching works well for those military spouses who are unsure what they want to do in their personal and professional lives. This type of coaching involves an investigation into personality, skills and personal fulfillment factors in order to unveil potential career paths. We do not apply the themes to potential career avenues, but instead focus more on who you are and what you enjoy doing. Typically, career reconnaissance packages occur in 3 1-hour meetings.

You will receive your personality assessment results (optional), career reconnaissance form, and your personal themes sheet.

Basic Training 
$85 per 1-hour meeting

Basic training utilizes the strategies of career reconnaissance coaching and takes your career goals to the next level. Basic training helps military spouses in the exploration of potential jobs that complement natural skills and abilities. You will learn what career paths will work for you. Basic Training will typically be conducted through ongoing coaching sessions until you reach your goals.

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