Milspouse Job Seekers

Do you have a hold-over job, but it’s not what you want for your career? Do you know what you love doing but not how to make it portable?

Based on your goals, there are a variety of ways we help military spouses searching for jobs. From personality assessments and self-exploration to nitty-gritty details designed to get you moving in the direction of your goals. The key is to first get very clear on what you are hoping to accomplish and the type of profession you are seeking. Only then can we develop a Portable Career Plan that is tailored specifically to you.

You will identify:

-Where you are in the Career Planning cycle

-What strategies have been most and least effective in your career progression

-How to get rid of time wasters and spend more time actually making progress

-The best job choices for you, based on your interests, skills and needs


You will develop:

-A clear understanding of your whole self as a job seeker

-How to increase your confidence in the job search


You will also learn how to:

-Find secret job search strategies

-Explore the hidden job market

-How to increase your odds of CREATING a career that will travel with you.


Our Career Planning tracks can be completed virtually through self-paced coursework or with a group. Please  directly for tuition rates, scholarship information, availability and the curriculum information. 


Not sure if this is the right track for you? Check out the Entrepreneurial Track too!