Military Spouse Career Options

The Best Careers for Military Spouses

Traditionally, the best jobs for military spouses are high growth and high demand, which makes them more likely to develop into portable careers. It is important for you to know that although a job or career field may be deemed high growth or high demand, it does not necessarily mean it is right for you!
Together, you and I explore what is right for YOU!
Some potential fields:
-Construction trades
-Financial services
-Health services
-Homeland security
-Hospitality management
-Human resources
-Information technology
-Real estate

A portable job should never come at the expense of personal fulfillment. There are a number of career fields and positions that can work with the mobile military lifestyle. These opportunities range from traditional employment opportunities to professions that require a little bit of imagination.

Military Spouse Traditional Career Options
Physical Therapist
Dental hygienist
Government Employee
Defense ContractorMilitary Spouse Careers
Direct Sales
Substitute Teacher
Military College Admissions Specialist
Military-Affiliated Organization Employee
Tax preparer
Massage therapist
Yoga Instructor/Aerobics Instructor
Personal Trainer
Substitute Teacher
Call Center Representative

Military Spouse Non-traditional Career Options
Professional Organizer
Freelance Writer
Web developer
Virtual assistant
Virtual elementary school teacher
Online tutor
Online Instructor
Online Web Interviewer
Mystery Shopper
Any position with a company that has national or international offices