Portable Careers for Military Spouses

I understand that deciding on a career path can be difficult for military spouses. We have added obstacles that prevent us from pursuing what are often more traditional employment routes. In order for military spouses to truly adapt and succeed professionally in the mobile military lifestyle, it is important to find careers that are high-demand, high-growth and portable. According to the Department of Defense, fields like financial services, health care, information technology, education and construction are examples of trades that spouses can easily transfer through various military relocations. These examples provide a great starting point, but there are also a number of other options and opportunities for military spouses to pursue.

My experience dealing with these challenges has taught me the importance of fulfillment even prior to portability. Before taking a job just for its transportability potential, we must recognize whether we actually want to take that job with us as we move. If the job we choose leaves us feeling unfulfilled, it is unlikely that it will matter that the job is mobile, because ultimately, we will not want it. A mobile job does not always mean it will be meaningful to you. Although a career field may be deemed high demand and high growth, deeming it as a mobile job when compared to other fields, be sure you want that career as your travel buddy through each relocation. You must find your passion, and then pursue it in your profession.