myCAA (Career Advancement Accounts)

Military Spouse Financial Aid

myCAA (Career Advancement Accounts)

The Department of Defense and Military One Source recently announced the expansion of the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (also called MyCAA). myCAA allows military spouses of active duty and activated Guard and Reserve Service members to use up to $6,000 of financial assistance to help pay for training programs, tuition, licensing, credentialing fees, high school degree programs, Associates degree programs, Bachelor degree programs, Masters degree programs, Doctoral degree programs and Continuing education programs in high growth, high demand portable career fields that are likely to provide job opportunities in most locations where military Service members are stationed.

Research has shown that the attainment of higher educational degrees is directly related to salary. The myCAA program is designed to allow more military spouses to receive degrees necessary to earn higher wages while relocating as a result of military orders. Although the financial funding is available, knowing where to use the money can be confusing. It is important that military spouses choose the right program and university for their personal and professional career goals.

While many people choose to seek the help of a career coach when making decisions relating to career and educational goals, military spouses require the assistance of a coach who understands the life of the military. As a Certified Career Management and Adult Learning, Training and Development Coach, I aid military spouses in mapping out a plan for achieving their goals. I am knowledgeable in the myCAA program because I have researched this form of financial aid and am also a using the funding to pursue my own Master’s in Education. I help my fellow spouses determine how their career goals can fit into an education program that is funded by the Career Advancement Accounts.

Other Military Spouse Financial Aid

Additionally, spouses who may not qualify for the Career Advancement Accounts or who need additional funding for school may be eligible to receive other financial aid. I can help you explore your options and identify opportunities that will enable you to attain the education you desire and put you on the path toward your ideal career! I provide education counseling that deals specifically with determining potential funding sources for your particular degree plan and career goals.