Military Spouse Portable Career Planning Testimonials

I felt lost and did not have a realistic direction to take. Then I found Stacy. She understands the military 
life and has had many of the same experiences as all of us do, since she herself is also a military spouse. What amazed me about Stacy’s skills as a career coach were how she could listen to my answers to her questions, pick out what I sounded most passionate about, and apply it to new possibilities that I had not thought of before! She was talented in guiding me through my thoughts, pinpointing areas of interest, and organizing them into actual solutions! Now, with our move, I am excited to put them to the test in real life military life situations!”   -Kate Garrison, Coast Guard Spouse 


Army spouses know better than most how hard it is to find a job with constant moving and gaps in the resume. Army wife and Career Coach Stacy Swearengen is a great resource for every aspect of your job search. I have worked with Stacy and I credit her for helping me find the job I have now.”  

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Stacy has been extremely supportive and provided amazing insight during my sessions with her. I would DEFINITELY recommend her to a friend/family member/stranger…anyone! She has opened my eyes to the various careers out there and how to go about pursuing them. I learned that the career I initially thought I wanted is not what I would love and enjoy doing in the long-run. It would have been a costly mistake if I did not realize that before! Stacy’s questions made me think a lot about who I am and where my passion truly lies. i have worked with other career counselors before, but not anymore. I trust Stacy at delivering her best.”

-Jess Jolly, Coast Guard Spouse


Thank you so much for your career coaching!  After our discussion I used your advice and within days had interviews lined up for 2 amazing opportunities.  I just accepted a position and could not be happier!  Your advice and direction helped me focus and get the job.  Thank you so much for your help, I would recommend you to anyone looking for career counseling!”

-Shay Miller, Army Spouse


Stacy has provided invaluable assistance and expertise in my job searching.  We spent time talking about my past experience, current desires for my life, as well as my goals for the future.  It is obvious that she has a passion and true talent for assisting job-seekers in achieving their goals.”
Stephanie Heacock, Active Reserve Spouse

Stacy was so professional and listened to what my strengths were. The finished product was so amazing and helped me to feel more confident facing the work force. I now have my personal coach!”

-Dana Young, Law Enforcement Spouse


I cannot wait to start applying for jobs! You really delivered! Thank you so much!”

-Andrea Williams, Army Spouse


With Stacy’s help, I found my strengths and what I need to do in order to point out my skills in certain job positions. Getting back on the street to find a job has been difficult because I didn’t have the tools or advice to organize my professional profile. I appreciate Stacy’s help and for giving precise information on what I need to do to stand apart from other job applicants.”

-Francisco Mendez, International Job Seeker


Stacy was extremely helpful. She is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional. With her technical expertise and career counseling I feel very confident in my future career options. Thank you Stacy!”

-Dustin Mortimer, US Army Veteran