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    • As a military spouse your resume may have gaps between jobs but that should not stopyou from pursuing a fulfilling career. Consider using time intervals as opposed to actual dates (for example, 2 years 5 months as opposed to May 2003—October 2005).
    • Volunteer experience is valuable experience! This type of experience demonstratesyourdedication toacause or particular organization as well as your willingness to get involved in the community without getting paid. Be sure to include any relevant volunteer work on your resume, either listed under “volunteer work” or “relevant experience” headers.
    • Take the time to match your resume up with the job description of the position you are applying for. Often, companies have programs that scan resumes for key words that can be found in the job description.
    • Have you taken any computer classes lately? Be sure to brush up on your Microsoft Office experience, increase your typing speed and learn how to effectively use search engines. Such practice can serve you well not only in utilizing different features for your resume and job search, but also when talking about your skill sets during interviews!