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What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching vs. Career Counseling
The Career Coach Academy defines career coaching as a coupling of two disciplines—professional coaching and career management. At the beginning of each coaching meeting, the client chooses the focus of the discussion, while the coach listens and provides insights and observations. This type of interaction provides clients with a better understanding of themselves and the impact of their choices. Career coaching also concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to achieve their defined goals.

Coaching is best viewed as a relationship between a trained coach and a client aimed at helping the client in learn more about herself to enhance her quality of life. The coach’s role is not to give advice or tell clients what they should or should not do—instead, the coach asks the client to investigate for him/herself in order to arrive at his/her own answers.

Career counseling is a little different because it involves the interaction of a trained career counselor who specializes in a wide range of career services, such as the administration of psychological tests, instruction of job-hunting strategies, and the development of career plans. The career counselor may provide resources and direct the client on a particular topic rather than focus on the client discovering his/her own answers.

What is Stacy’s Approach?
My role as a certified coach is to ask you questions that allow you to look at your life and goals from a new perspective. My responsibility as your coach is to help you think about situations differently—free from doubt or fears or anxiety that may prevent you from moving forward.

I refer to my interaction with fellow military spouses as career or education counseling, but I pride myself on using a combination of career coaching and counseling principles. The goal of my career sessions are always based on the coaching principle that the client determines the focus of the meeting; however, I also provide resources and offer potential career options, much like a career counselor might do.

Unlike other coaches, I also offer education counseling, which focuses on finding the right training for your career goals. It is highly unlikely to maintain a successful portable career without the necessary prerequisite training or education. I can help you find the right program for your goals.

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What is a Typical Career Counseling Session Like?
The great news for you is that my coaching sessions are conducted entirely over the phone and internet! This means that you can take advantage of my services wherever you are stationed!

To start, it helps to think about the coaching relationship as similar to a personalized exercise training plan at the gym. A good fitness trainer will base your workouts on your current fitness level and what you hope to achieve. The direction is determined entirely by you, but the coach guides you and provides you with a variety of opportunities to achieve your personal goals. My coaching services are very similar! We figure our your current situation and what you hope to achieve. My role is to then help you achieve that goal by providing resources and career workouts (homework)!

A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for the majority of us, which is why I tailor my career counseling to the needs of each and every military spouse or fiance I work with. This means that not all coaching will follow the same format. There is, nevertheless, a general flow of our discussions:
  1. Career Reconnaissance - This is the very first step in the coaching relationship. At this point, you will have the opportunity to experience a free 30-minute introductory coaching session. We discuss what you want and the goals you hope coaching will help you achieve. After spending time learning more about you, I suggest some possible coaching options. The decision to continue with coaching is yours.

  2. Coaching Plan - After the completion of your initial, complimentary coaching session, we set up a plan for the frequency of appointments. The appointments from this point are entirely designed by you. You may choose a one-time coaching session or ongoing appointments.

  3. Accountability and Progress - We often need to reassess where we are in the process. While we will do this continually throughout our coaching sessions, it is important to also reflect as we get closer to and eventually achieve our coaching goal.

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